Red Eye Coffee Myths Busted

Wake Up and Smell the Truth: 30 Red Eye Coffee Myths Busted!

Have you ever tried Red Eye Coffee? It’s pretty famous, but what do you really know about it? You might have heard some rumors and made-up stories— but it’s time to get the facts straight. 

We’re here to clear up the top 30 most common myths and misconceptions about Red Eye Coffee

We’ll talk about everything from where it comes from to how it tastes. So, if you’re a fan or a skeptic, get ready for some serious coffee knowledge. This post might even blow your mind! Get your mugs ready, folks, because we’re diving in!  

30 Most Common Red Eye Coffee Myths and Misconceptions

Red Eye Coffee The Myths
  1. Red Eye coffee contains alcohol. Nope! Red Eye coffee doesn’t have any alcohol in it. It’s just a simple combo of brewed coffee and a shot of espresso— So, you can enjoy it without any boozy side effects.
  2. Red Eye coffee causes bloodshot eyes. We know, the name can be misleading, but trust us, Red Eye coffee won’t give you those dreaded red eyes. It’s actually named after those late-night flights known as “red-eye” flights because it’s a great pick-me-up for weary travelers.
  3. Red Eye coffee is a specific type of coffee bean. Not true! Red Eye coffee is a way to prepare coffee, not a type of bean. You can use any coffee bean you like to make it.
  4. Red Eye coffee is made with red food coloring. Haha, nope! There’s no food coloring involved in making a Red Eye coffee. The name is just a fun coincidence.
  5. Red Eye coffee is named after a medical condition. Again, false! The name has nothing to do with medical issues. It’s all about that late-night flight connection.
  6. Red Eye coffee contains more caffeine than a regular cup of coffee. Well, this one is true and false. While Red Eye coffee does have more caffeine than a cup of plain brewed coffee, it doesn’t have a crazy amount of caffeine— It’s the addition of the espresso shot that gives it that extra kick.
  7. Red Eye coffee is only consumed during late-night hours. While it may have been named after late-night flights, there’s no rule stating that you can only drink Red Eye coffee at night. Enjoy it any time of day when you need a little extra boost!
  8. Red Eye coffee originated in a specific country or region. Contrary to popular belief, Red Eye coffee doesn’t have a specific origin story. It’s likely that coffee lovers around the world have been mixing brewed coffee and espresso for ages.
  9. Red Eye coffee is an ancient or traditional recipe. Not really! While the concept of mixing coffee and espresso has likely been around for a while, Red Eye coffee as we know it is a relatively modern concoction.
  10. Red Eye coffee is exclusively served in certain coffee shops. Good news — you can make Red Eye coffee at home! It’s not an exclusive menu item only found in certain cafes. All you need is some brewed coffee and a shot of espresso.
  11. Red Eye coffee is dangerous for your health. As with any caffeinated beverage, moderation is key. Red Eye coffee is no more dangerous than other types of coffee if consumed responsibly.
  12. Red Eye coffee is only for people who can’t handle strong coffee. On the contrary, Red Eye coffee is actually a bit stronger than your average cup of joe. It’s perfect for those who crave a little extra kick.
  13. Red Eye coffee is the same as Black Eye coffee. Close, but not quite! While both are coffee-based drinks with added espresso, a Black Eye typically has two shots of espresso — making it even stronger than a Red Eye.
  14. Red Eye Coffee always uses a specific type of espresso shot. Actually, you can use any type of espresso shot you prefer for your Red Eye coffee. Whether it’s a classic, ristretto, or lungo shot, the choice is yours!
  15. Red Eye coffee is named after a mythical creature or legend. Sorry to disappoint, but there’s no fantastical backstory here. As we mentioned earlier, the name Red Eye coffee comes from its association with late-night flights.
  16. Red Eye coffee can cure hangovers. We wish! While the caffeine in Red Eye coffee might help wake you up, it’s not a magical hangover cure. It’s best to stick to hydrating and resting to recover.
  17. Red Eye coffee causes sleep disturbances. Like any caffeinated drink, if you consume Red Eye coffee close to bedtime, it might make it harder to fall asleep. However, if you drink it earlier in the day— there should be no issue.
  18. Red Eye coffee is more expensive than other types of coffee. Not necessarily! The price of a Red Eye coffee depends on where you buy it or the ingredients you use to make it at home. It’s not inherently more expensive than other coffee drinks.
  19. Red Eye coffee can only be made with dark roast beans. False! Feel free to use any roast you prefer when making your Red Eye coffee. Light, medium, or dark roast – it’s all up to you.
  20. Red Eye coffee is always served iced. While iced Red Eye coffee can be a refreshing treat, it can also be served hot. The choice is yours!
  21. Red Eye coffee is made using a special brewing method. Nope! The only “special” thing about Red Eye coffee is the addition of an espresso shot to your regular brewed coffee. You can use any brewing method you like.
  22. Red Eye coffee contains artificial stimulants. No way! The only stimulant in Red Eye coffee is good old-fashioned caffeine, courtesy of the coffee and espresso.
  23. Red Eye coffee is less flavorful than regular coffee. Not true at all! The added espresso shot can actually enhance the flavor profile of your coffee, giving you a richer, more robust taste.
  24. Red Eye coffee is an acquired taste that only some people can enjoy. This is subjective, but we believe that if you’re a coffee lover, there’s a good chance you’ll appreciate the taste of a Red Eye.
  25. Red Eye coffee should be consumed without any sweeteners or milk. Hey, you do you! If you like your coffee black, that’s great—but there’s no rule against adding a little sugar or milk to your Red Eye coffee.
  26. Red Eye coffee is only suitable for people with high caffeine tolerance. While Red Eye coffee does have more caffeine than a regular cup of coffee, it’s not off-limits to anyone. Just be mindful of your personal caffeine limits and adjust your intake accordingly.
  27. Red Eye coffee always uses a specific coffee-to-water ratio. This one’s up to personal preference. Feel free to experiment with different ratios to find the perfect balance for your taste buds.
  28. Red Eye coffee is only available during specific seasons. Not true! Red Eye coffee can be enjoyed all year round, whether you’re sipping it hot on a chilly winter day or enjoying it iced in the summer heat.
  29. Red Eye coffee is a type of herbal or medicinal coffee. Nope! Red Eye coffee is just a regular coffee drink with an added espresso shot. There’s no herbal or medicinal component to it.
  30. Red Eye coffee is a coffee blend rather than a preparation method. False! Red Eye coffee is all about adding an espresso shot to your brewed coffee, making it a preparation method rather than a specific blend of beans. 

Wrapping up!

To summarize, Red Eye coffee is just a simple combo of brewed coffee and a shot of espresso. It doesn’t contain 

  • any alcohol
  • artificial stimulants
  • or food coloring. 

And, despite its name, it won’t give you bloodshot eyes.

Red Eye coffee is perfect for those who crave a little extra kick in their cup of joe. It’s easy to make at home —and can be enjoyed any time of day. 

Whether you prefer it hot or iced, with sugar or milk, or a specific coffee-to-water ratio— it’s all up to you!

Keep in mind, as with any caffeinated drink, moderation is key. And, if you’re looking for a magical hangover cure—Red Eye coffee isn’t it. 

Hydrating and resting is still your best bet.

So, next time you’re in need of a pick-me-up—why not give Red Eye coffee a try? It’s a delicious and energizing way to start your day or power through that late-night work session— And who knows, it might just become your new favorite coffee drink!

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